Environmental and tenure statutory approvals and management plans for the Australian resource sector

If you are looking to mine in Australia, it is necessary that you acquire the right permit or tenement from the state of territory that is relevant to your operation. When doing so, a fundamental area to consider is the environmental implications of your project. However to do so you must have sufficient research conducted and an effective environmental plan drawn up.


In order to take you through this process, you will likely need a consultancy that specialises in tenure and environmental management. This can reduce time and hassle significantly when dealing will environmental laws and regulations as consultancies usually maintain a database of portfolios in which your multiple tenements are all monitored at once.


Again, to have your project approved you must create a socially sustainable plan and prepare the licence applications. This document must be convincing enough to ensure approval by the appropriate governing body. Then, once you have been approved, you need to manage your tenements. Tenements unfortunately can be difficult to acquire and there is often a very high demand in the Australian mining industry. A mining consultant that specialises in tenement management can assist you in both acquisition and negotiation.


If you are mining in Australia you are likely to have multiple tenements at once. Tracking all these at the same time is incredibly time consuming, particularly if you have other work to consider. There are likely to be issues that come up throughout your projects and having to attend to them all at the same time can result in missed deadlines and significant financial loss.


Investing in an environmental consultancy that can help you with the legality of your projects and is an incredibly important step towards completing your project on time and as planned.

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We are an environmental consulting and tenement management firm specialising in Commonwealth, State and Local environmental and tenure statutory approvals and management plans for the Australian resource sector.

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TECSOL is a small team of experienced and qualified Environmental Scientists, Tenement Managers, Geologists and GIS Specialists. We assist explorers, miners and processing operators to secure tenure, establish, commission, run and close their projects to best practice standards.

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...to get you on the ground. Our team of consulting scientists and engineers accurately assess the environmental impacts of your project and identifies practical and reliable mitigation and management solutions for your operation.

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"Emma was able to provide a very high calibre service to ensure that our site maintains its compliance with various government regulatory bodies. Her speed, technical and regulatory know how was essential in order for the site to develop our own OHS and Environmental Management Systems."

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