Environmental Applications & Approvals

To explore or mine for resources in Australia, an operator must obtain appropriate environmental permissions from the Commonwealth, State and/or Local regulatory authorities. 

TECSOL has many years experience in preparing and lodging environmental licence applications, Environmental Impact Statements and environmental management plans to the Federal, State and Local regulatory bodies.

We have worked with various operators, from junior exploration companies, to large mining companies and government agencies. No matter the project size, budget or site challenges, TECSOL will assemble a team of specialists to assess the impacts of your project and identify effective and reliable management strategies to ensure an environmentally and socially sustainable operation.

We can:

  • Assess and identify the appropriate environmental approval pathway for your project;
  • Analyse the environmental sensitivities and risks of your project;
  • Engage stakeholders, including government, landholders and the community;
  • Investigate the environmental attributes of your site and perform detailed impact assessments, models and analyses;
  • Provide practical and innovative environmental management solutions to reduce your environmental impact; and
  • Prepare and lodge statutory licence applications..

Going above and beyond
What our clients say

Emma’s major strength is in pulling together a detailed, investigative document. In what would take me a month of Sundays to produce, Emma analyses, presents and formats comprehensive documentation which enables the rest of the project to progress.

She has an obvious in-depth knowledge of the relevant legislation and she’s thorough and detailed – Emma doesn’t miss anything.  Nothing’s ever a problem with Emma either. If a document needs to be reviewed, she’ll drop everything to ensure the project gets back on track.

Bruce McCarthy - Environmental Compliance Superintendent | Sonoma Mine Management Pty Ltd


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"Everything TECSOL did was done efficiently and on time. TECSOL are cost effective, fast and they communicate throughout the whole process."

Andrew MacDonald
Project Engineer | BGC Contracting Pty Ltd

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