Emma Montgomery, Founder

Bachelor of Applied Science
(Environmental Science), QUT


Mining in the blood

The daughter of a Mine Manager, Emma was born and raised in the mining township of Nhulunbuy, in the Gove Peninsula of the Northern Territory. Emma grew up in a family passionate about mining with a focus on environmental and social sustainability. Mining is in Emma’s blood and she has always been dedicated to the industry.

Comprehensive, affordable environmental and tenure management solutions

Encouraged by industry operators, Emma established TECSOL in early 2010. With a commitment to providing reliable and cost-effective environmental and tenure management solutions, TECSOL's client portfolio continues to grow.

Experienced, knowledgeable, effective, efficient

We are a small team of experienced and qualified Environmental Scientist, Tenement Managers, Geologists and GIS Specialists. Emma has over twelve years experience working as an Environmental Consultant for exploration, construction, mining and processing companies such as QCoal Pty Ltd, Sonoma Mine Management Pty Ltd, MCG Group, Meridien Resources Limited, Capital Mining Limited, Acacia Coal Limited, BGC Contracting Pty Ltd and more.

Results....without the overheads

We move quickly, approach our work proactively, and we’re flexible. Simply put, we’re not restricted by the multi layered beaurocratic approach of the large agencies.

What I like about Emma is that she provides the knowledge and experience offered by a large Environmental Consultancy firm, but without the overheads, inefficiencies and high costs. We’re an exploration and emerging coal mining company and need to spend our shareholder's funds prudently. As an experienced management team we require someone who can quickly understand and come up to speed with our requirements, cut to the chase and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Graham Colliss - Chief Projects Officer - Acacia Coal Limited


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"Emma is hands on, she’s a good organiser and a great communicator."

Graham Colliss | Acacia Coal Limited

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