Tenement Acquisition & Compliance Management

To explore or mine for resources in Australia, an operator must first possess an endorsed tenement/lease/permit (e.g. Exploration Licence, Mining Lease) from the relevant State or Territory. The conditions of a permit (e.g. landholder notifications and compensation, annual reporting, expenditure statements, partial relinquishments) can often be complex and time-consuming to manage.

With extensive experience and excellent regulatory and industry contacts, TECSOL are skilled at acquiring, maintaining and surrendering tenements on behalf of our clients. Our customised tenement management database ensures that our clients’ tenement portfolios remain in good standing at all times. We work with you to grow and enhance these major assets.

Step 1:  Get you on the ground.
Step 2:  Keep you on the ground.

Step 1 - Tenement Acquisition:  Getting you on the ground – fast.

Tenement acquisition in Australia is competitive. At TECSOL, we are experienced in applying for and negotiating the conditions of your exploration and mining permits. We take care of the complex statutory paperwork to get you on the ground as soon as possible.

We understand time is money. Contact us today to start your tenement acquisition process. We’ll have you on the ground faster than you think.
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Step 2 - Maintaining 100% compliance: Keeping you on the ground.

Tenement acquisition is only the first step. Tenement holders now face increasing regulator expectations and legislative restrictions to retain their tenements. Depending on the location and tenement type, a holder must ensure rents, rates and royalties are paid, annual expenditure commitments are achieved, landholder notifications and agreements remain valid, partial relinquishments are made, annual reports are submitted to the State, and more.

We are experienced in:

  • new tenement applications;
  • landholder notifications;
  • tenement renewals;
  • tenement transfers;
  • annual exploration and expenditure reporting;
  • partial tenement surrenders;
  • annual returns...and more!

We assist experienced and junior exploration and mining operators to grow and enhance their tenement portfolios by developing a customized tenure management database which:

  • Tracks all tenement compliance actions
  • Meets all required deadlines
  • Meets reporting, relinquishing and renewal obligations
  • Simply…keeps you compliant

Already have a tenement consultant? It’s easy to switch to TECSOL. Using a signed letter of authority, we’ll consult with the relevant departments and your existing provider to ensure a smooth transition.  We do all the paperwork and the process doesn’t take long.

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