"I have worked with Emma on projects for two public ASX listed companies, Meridien Resources and Capital Mining.  I can’t fault her work.  Emma is very responsive in that she responds in hours and gets the required work  done quickly and efficiently. She’s obviously knowledgeable – not only about exploration and mining licenses, but also in working with state government departments – particularly those of Queensland and New South Wales - to get applications approved. Emma is very personable and quite simply, she’s effective. Everything I’ve asked her to do, she’s done."

Michael Ivkovic
Meridien Capital


We’ve engaged Emma twice now and on both occasions, we were really happy with her work. We most recently sub contracted Emma to complete a weed and seed report on a mine we were working on. Everything Emma did was done efficiently and on time. She’s cost effective, fast and she communicates throughout the whole process. She’s great at returning calls quickly and at the end of each project, she’d follow up to see how things were going. That’s impressive and we’d definitely recommend her to other Contractors."

Andrew MacDonald
Project Engineer | BGC Contracting Pty Ltd

"What can I say? Emma was brilliant.  We’ve always been disappointed with other mining services companies – they’re expensive, you spend ages spelling out what needs to happen and they’re often slow to respond. Emma was the complete opposite!

From the start, she was easy to deal with, she picked things up straight away and she was incredibly efficient. With Emma, I had total confidence that everything was covered. At one stage, we were close to having to drop a sub block, but Emma looked into it for us and worked through the appropriate processes which enabled us to keep the block. She has potentially saved us thousands of dollars.

Emma really is the whole package – we’re so impressed and definitely sticking with her."

Carol Graham

“Emma looked after all Polymetals environmental and regulatory needs.  I can thoroughly recommend her services where speed, quality and professional output are critical.”

Tim Dobson,
Director - Operations | Polymetals Group Pty Ltd

“Emma has gained significant environmental management experience while working with companies to improve their environmental regulatory compliance, she has an excellent grasp of environmental management systems and my company will continue to rely on expert advice and guidance provided through TECSOL consultancy.”

Chris Millard
General Manager - Operations | Sonoma Mine Management Pty Ltd


“Emma was able to provide a very high calibre service to ensure that our site maintains its compliance with various government regulatory bodies. Her speed, technical and regulatory know how was essential in order for the site to develop our own OHS and Environmental Management Systems.”

John Edmunds
HSE Coordinator | White Dam Gold Production Joint Venture

“Emma is an expert in managing environmental approvals and has the knowledge, capability and work ethic to guide clients through complex regulatory frameworks.”

Steven House
Director | Eco Logical Australia Pty Ltd

"What I like about Emma is that she provides the knowledge and experience offered by a large Environmental Consultancy firm, but without the overheads, inefficiencies and high costs. We’re a an exploration and emerging coal mining company and need to spend our shareholder's funds prudently. As an experienced management team we require someone who can quickly understand and come up to speed with our requirements, cut to the chase and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Emma is hands on, she’s a good organiser and a great communicator. She picks things up quickly – you don’t have to spend time explaining the intricate details – and she uses her own initiative when it comes to research. Emma keeps me fully informed throughout the process too – our dealings with her have been so seamless. We regard Emma as our in house Environmental Specialist. I’d highly recommend Emma."

Graham Colliss
Chief Projects Officer | Acacia Coal Limited


"We commissioned Emma to do an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) on one of our early stage coal projects in Blackwater. From day one, Emma hit the ground running, responding quickly and efficiently to our requirements. She has an excellent grasp of the technical issues, was always easy to talk to and was able to engage the property owners and other relevant parties effectively. Time is money in our industry and Emma was able to assemble a good team of people quickly. If you want the job done well, quickly and efficiently, you can’t go past Emma."

Will Kendall
MCG Group Pty Ltd


"Emma’s major strength is in pulling together a detailed, investigative document. In what would take me a month of Sundays to produce, Emma analyses, presents and formats comprehensive documentation which enables the rest of the project to progress.

She has an obvious in-depth knowledge of the relevant legislation and she’s thorough and detailed – Emma doesn’t miss anything.  Nothing’s ever a problem with Emma either. If a document needs to be reviewed, she’ll drop everything to ensure the project gets back on track. I’d certainly recommend Emma to anyone requiring an Environmental Consultant in the mining industry."

Bruce McCarthy
Environmental Compliance Superintendent | Sonoma Mine Management Pty Ltd

"Everything TECSOL did was done efficiently and on time. TECSOL are cost effective, fast and they communicate throughout the whole process."

Andrew MacDonald
Project Engineer | BGC Contracting Pty Ltd

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